A participant of the Summer Oboe and Bassoon Academy, Rataje nad Sázavou (SOBA) is any adult or minor, active or passive, who has filled the application form and paid the course fees. Anyone of any age can be a participant; parents or guardians have full responsibility for participants under the age of 18. The organizers does not require the presence of parents or guardians of participants under the age of 15, but the presence is recommended.

The organizers are not responsible for any participants' accidents or injuries during the SOBA. Both adult and minor participants are fully responsible for their behaviour. Every participant of the SOBA is required to arrange ahead a suitable health insurance for whole duration of the SOBA.

The organizers are not responsible for the participants' instruments. All participants are obliged to protect their own instrument from theft or damage. The organizers are not able to arrange a safe keeping place for the instruments for the time outside the lessons.

Illegal drug abuse is strictly forbidden during the course. Use of alcohol is strictly forbidden to all participants under the age of 18, alcohol consumption of those over 18 years is at their own risk.

The organizers are obliged to:

  • Arrange accommodation and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the duration of the SOBA; but are not obliged to arrange food for vegetarians or participants with special dietary needs.

  • Secure rooms for lessons, exercises and concerts during the SOBA.

  • Secure high quality tuition in the widest range possible.

  • Abide by the terms and conditions of the SOBA.

  • Inform the participants about the course schedule.

The participant is obliged to:

  • Abide by the terms and conditions of the SOBA.

  • Behave responsibly, attend the classes on time.

  • Respect the authority of the course organizers.

  • Agree to the use of any recordings made at the SOBA for radio or television broadcast. The participant will not be paid for any recordings used. The participant also gives permission for use of photographs for the purposes of the SOBA.

  • The participant will not be paid for the concerts organized during the SOBA.

The course organizers reserve the right to expel a participant who does not abide by these terms and conditions, with no right for refund of the course fees. Kateřina Kmínková together with the SOBA lecturers have the right to decide about expelling a participant.

By sending the SOBA application you indicate that you have read and understood the course's terms and conditions.


In Prague, Czech Republic, Jan 26, 2016                                     Bca. Kateřina Kmínková



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Rataje nad Sázavou

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