Oboe and Bassoon competition 2017

July 8, Rataje nad Sázavou

4th year of the Competition will take place on Sun, July 9 2017 at the Rataje nad Sázavou château. The Competition has separate sections for oboe and bassoon, both of which will have three categories. Any oboist or bassoonist, Czech or foreign, can compete.

The Competition will focus on evaluation of the artist's concert performance, overall impression from the performance, personal interpretation of the contestant, relaxed and free expression on the stage, enjoyment of the interpreted piece.



1. Category: amateur oboists who have never studied oboe at college level, and students of music schools up to 15 years (inclusive)

2. Category: students of music colleges and conservatoires up to 19 years (inclusive)

3. Category: conservatoire and music college students from 20 years.


1. Category: amateur bassoonists who have never studied bassoon at college level, and students of musical colleges up to 15 years (inclusive)

2. Category: students of musical colleges and conservatories up to 19 years (inclusive)

3. Category: conservatoire and musical college students from 20 years.



Contest repertoire is the same for all categories of oboe and bassoon: the contestant will prepare one piece of obligatory music and one piece music of their personal choice and perform those pieces in front of the jury. The second condition is the length of the pieces: 1. category – at least 2 minutes, 2. category 5 minutes and the 3. category 10 minutes.



9:00am Attendance check

9:30 Competition opening

9:00 – 11:00 Oboe Competition

11:30 – 1pm Bassoon Competition

14:30 – Winners' announcement

The schedule may be changed according to the number of contestants.



A fee of 20 EUR per person is required for entering the Competition, alongside with application form sent by May 1, 2017. The fee is payable to bank account IBAN: CZ5320100000002200965607, BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX. 



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